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APEC Climate Agreement: Too Little Too Late?

Last May I wrote a post on my experience with pollution while in China. The smog was, without a doubt, my least favorite part about spending a summer in Beijing. Not only are the extreme amounts of pollutants gross to breathe in and bad for the environment, they are also bad for our health. And

East Palace, West Palace: Homosexuality in China

Every Thursday night from 7 to 9 pm The Asian Studies Program hosts a movie night at the Mitchell Multimedia Center in the Northwestern University Library. On October 24th the Movie was 东官西官 or “East Palace, West Palace,” directed by Zhang Yuan. East Palace, West Palace is a film that raises questions about homosexuality in

China’s Generational Gap: Sexual Health Concerns and Changing Values

It seems contradictory that a country could have one of the highest rates of family planning and contraceptive use in the world, yet have high (and rising) abortion occurrences each year as well. This, however, is exactly the situation that China currently faces. Spending time studying Public Health in China, I was able to tour

Candy Crush Addiction: A True Concern or Just Hype?

We see it all of the time around the Northwestern campus: students swiping their fingers across their phones playing Candy Crush Saga, a mobile phone game that has exploded over that past year. To onlookers it may simply look like matching shapes, but to those who have played the game it is so much more.