Author: Stephanie Novak

Sustainable water in Chile

Engineers don’t often get a chance to develop the cultural awareness inherent to anthropology majors, said Elizabeth Velazquez, a Northwestern senior majoring in Environmental Engineering. But Velazquez gained that knowledge during a six-week trip to Chile last summer, where she worked on developing sustainable water solutions for a small Chilean town as part of Project

Cancer care in post-genocide Rwanda

When thinking of diseases that affect sub-Saharan Africa, HIV/AIDS is perhaps the health crisis most immediately associated with the region. But in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa such as Rwanda, health experts are seeing a shift in the way disease manifests itself. In many global health classes at Northwestern, we learn that a model of

Rwanda’s Success Story

Like many others in global health, I am astounded to hear about the successes that Rwanda has made in providing health care to its citizens in a time frame just shy of two decades since the small African nation was in the midst of a genocide that killed nearly a million of its citizens. According

Global health and journalism: Meeting the Rwandan Minister of Health

  When I first interviewed the Rwandan Minister of Health, Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, I had no idea that one phone conversation would take me to Boston, Hanover, New Hampshire and Washington, DC. A year ago, I was interviewing her for an entirely different story—one about a new exchange program between Harvard Medical School and the

Public health in Mexico

  In the beginning of November, I hiked for hours through the rural mountains of southern Mexico during a downpour. As I tried to protect my camera while slipping down the muddy trail I only hoped that I would get the stories that I came for—and not ruin my camera in the process. As a