Author: Marcella McCarthy

Journeys through an African medical school

In a time when so many Americans wonder what our healthcare system will look like in a couple of years, it’s also important to consider what it will feel like. In some instances, it often seems doctors have thrown their bedside manners out the window, acting more like mechanics working on broken machinery than human

Tracy Kidder: Journalist and Advocate

Paul Farmer holds a number of impressive titles – most people would feel fulfilled with just one. It takes five full scrolls to reach the bottom of his biography page on Harvard’s website. To name a few, he is Chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and founder

Cross the border, and your human rights may stay behind

Scholars and students from around the nation and beyond joined to discuss the issue of migration within the context of human rights. As part of Northwestern University’s Conference on Human Rights, the topic at Friday’s forum was: Defining Forced Migration. “Refugee law define a refugee as a person with a well founded fear of persecution,”