Author: Lajja Patel

Greetings! I am a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Global Health. I have always enjoyed writing short proses and interpretive poems, however, I was drawn to writing about global health, in particular, after having sustained conversations with a friend about how dynamic and ever-shifting the global health landscape is. Reading and writing about how entire communities and nations come together to provide essential health care services to even the most difficult to traverse and conflict inflicted regions is fascinating to me.

On the Brink of Eradication: The Polio Epidemic

Polio is a highly infectious and crippling disease that primarily infects children. The poliovirus attacks the brain and spinal cord, causing paralysis within hours. Perhaps the most devastating nature of the disease is that it is completely preventable, yet twenty-five years after the polio vaccine was assembled, only seventy-five percent of the world has access