Author: Haley Lillehei

Class of 2014 alum. Currently living in San Francisco. Working in health tech at Collective Health. Covering global health from the Bay Area.

Hult Case Competition: Northwestern Students Address Issues Billions Face Worldwide

This past month, a team of students from Northwestern University competed in the Hult Case Competition in San Francisco. This annual competition is a start-up accelerator for aspiring young entrepreneurs attending universities around the world. It aims to identify and launch the most compelling social business ideas – start-up enterprises that tackle serious issues faced

Northwestern University to Host First Annual Global Health Case Competition

This February, Northwestern University is hosting its first annual Global Health Case Competition. Eight teams made up of undergraduate and graduate students from various schools and disciplines will be presented with a global health case study during this two-day competition, February 14-15th 2014. They will compete to develop global health recommendations that are sustainable and

Western Misconceptions Regarding Female Genital Cutting

I took a class last Spring titled Global Bioethics, in which we discussed controversial health topics and their ethical implications. What I found most fascinating was the topic of female genital cutting, or FGC. Although it was something I had only briefly heard about before, what I knew about FGC led me to believe it

East Palace, West Palace: Homosexuality in China

Every Thursday night from 7 to 9 pm The Asian Studies Program hosts a movie night at the Mitchell Multimedia Center in the Northwestern University Library. On October 24th the Movie was 东官西官 or “East Palace, West Palace,” directed by Zhang Yuan. East Palace, West Palace is a film that raises questions about homosexuality in

China’s Generational Gap: Sexual Health Concerns and Changing Values

It seems contradictory that a country could have one of the highest rates of family planning and contraceptive use in the world, yet have high (and rising) abortion occurrences each year as well. This, however, is exactly the situation that China currently faces. Spending time studying Public Health in China, I was able to tour