Author: Christi Sodano

Oncofertility: A global perspective

No longer just an old person’s disease, cancer among young people is increasingly prevalent. And while the growing field of oncofertility is gaining steam here in the U.S., more education and coordinated efforts are required to provide global awareness of the issues that young cancer patients face. One of the main problems patients around the

A champion for fertility preservation and quality of life after cancer

  Reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Teresa Woodruff  pioneered the field of oncofertility. Source: Woodruff Lab A pioneer in the world of fertility preservation for young cancer patients, Dr. Teresa Woodruff of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, coined the term oncofertility and champions the idea of looking beyond the lab bench to the cancer patients affected by

Best-selling author, Rebecca Skloot, shares her experiences with Northwestern

Emphasizing her unconventional background in veterinary science, award-winning writer Rebecca Skloot, told hundreds of Northwestern community members Thursday how experiences in her early life shaped her career and inspired her to write her debut novel. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks was chosen as this year’s selection for the campus’ community-wide reading initiative, One Book