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Land Mines and Cluster Munitions in a Public Health Context

Jackie Hansen described a scene straight out of a nightmare. Nestled in the grass, a metallic ball looks like a shiny new plaything to a child. But it’s actually a remnant of war—a cluster munition, a close cousin of the landmine—just waiting to explode when the child tosses it to a friend. “Kids might think,

The battle against malaria in Africa: A fight for a million kids’ lives


Charles Llewellyn survived the frontlines of an ongoing war.

Though the enemy is of microscopic proportions, total victory is yet to come.

But Llewellyn warns that if global prevention efforts cease, malaria-carrying mosquitoes would surge to pre-intervention levels and that could cost the lives of a million African children each year. The former Foreign Health Service Officer spoke at Northwestern University on Wednesday about “Malaria and Public Health in Africa, Reflections on a Career with USAID.”

Project RISHI: Health and Lifestyle Analysis in Charniya, Hayana, India

Written by: Manisha Bhatia Team Members: Varshini Cherukupalli, Apas Aggarwal, Shreya Agarwal Location: Charniya, India Project: Project RISHI: Health and Lifestyle Analysis in Charniya, Hayana, India Fellowship: International Group Research Fellowship in Global Health The Project RISHI summer trip was mind-blowing. Each student involved dedicated so much time and effort into ensuring the project successful started its India

New Northwestern Institute for Public Health and Medicine (IPHAM) plans to double research activity of medical school

Interview with Rowland W Chang, MD/MPH Rowland W Chang, MD/MPH Senior Associate Dean for Public Health Director, Institute for Public Health and Medicine (IPHAM) Professor in Preventive Medicine and Medicine-Rheumatology Feinberg School of Medicine Q: What is the new Institute for Public Health and Medicine (IPHAM)? A: The new Institute is a collaboration of nine centers,