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A Look at Paul Collier’s Routes out of Poverty

In case you missed it, economic expert Paul Collier recently came to Northwestern to deliver a speech entitled “Routes out of Poverty: What are the Expressways”. Sponsored by the Buffett Center for International and Comparative Studies and the Center for Global Engagement Global Development Series, and co-sponsored by One Book One Northwestern, Kellogg Global Programs,

Global hits local for emergency medicine students at Northwestern

It’s time to think local about global health, according to Dr. Stacey Chamberlain, Assistant Director of International Emergency Medicine and Global Health Fellowship Program at the University of Illinois- Chicago. “When you think about the health sector here, we’re already global. The practitioners are global. The patients are global,” she said to an auditorium of

People have so much more to offer than material goods

The Global Health Portal recently spoke with three Northwestern undergraduates who received a John & Martha Mabie Fellowship for Public Health Research and got to spend their summer at a rural clinic in Bolivia. Roshni Bhatnagar WCAS/HPME 2014 Major: Psychology, Minor: Economics Saya Jacob WCAS/HPME 2014 Major: Economics, Minor: Spanish Marie Donaldson WCAS/HPME 2015 Major:

China’s Generational Gap: Sexual Health Concerns and Changing Values

It seems contradictory that a country could have one of the highest rates of family planning and contraceptive use in the world, yet have high (and rising) abortion occurrences each year as well. This, however, is exactly the situation that China currently faces. Spending time studying Public Health in China, I was able to tour

Feinberg students celebrate successes during Global Health Day

“The contrast between how we do things in the U.S. and how things are done there is astounding.” Speaking at a break-neck pace that barely contained her enthusiasm, Casey Richardson reverently recounted her 4-week trip to assist training and evaluating traditional birth attendants in rural Mexico, where access to hospital births is often compromised. It