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An undergrad’s unforgettable experience: Attending the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting

Northwestern undergrad Emily Smith (Biological Sciences, Gender Studies and Global Health, WCAS 2014) got to present her summer research findings on lesbian and bisexual women’s access to healthcare in Capetown, South Africa at APHA’s Annual Meeting. She wrote about her experience for the Global Health Portal: Last summer I had the opportunity to spend a

Remembering Nelson Mandela as a Public Health Hero

This is an excerpt of Kate Klein‘s post from the Northwestern Public Health Review Blog, posted on Dec 6, 2013. The full article can be found here. As we mourn yesterday’s passing of Nelson Mandela, it is an important time to reflect on his great life and the countless people his work impacted. Though many

LGBT and Healthcare: The Culture in South Africa

The Global Health Portal recently spoke with Emily Smith (Biological Sciences, Gender Studies and Global Health, WCAS 2014), who spent her summer in South Africa researching lesbian and bisexual women’s access to healthcare in Cape Town. Here’s what she had to say about her research, her time abroad, and how it reinforced her desire to

Summer Global Health Roundup

Welcome back, Wildcats! Hopefully your summers were filled with thrilling travel, catching up with old friends, and some rest & relaxation. Maybe you were diligently following the news, but if you weren’t, I’ve got you covered. For those of you too busy with summer activities to follow the news, I’d like to share some things

Feinberg students celebrate successes during Global Health Day

“The contrast between how we do things in the U.S. and how things are done there is astounding.” Speaking at a break-neck pace that barely contained her enthusiasm, Casey Richardson reverently recounted her 4-week trip to assist training and evaluating traditional birth attendants in rural Mexico, where access to hospital births is often compromised. It