Author: Megan Carlson

I’m a graduate journalism student at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Before this, I was a professional do-gooder and previously worked– in both research and direct service– to improve healthcare, criminal justice, education and women’s empowerment. These are the issues for which I am passionate and continue to write/speak/rant/tweet about today.

Bringing emergency care to Bolivia

It is easy to take for granted in the United States the advanced system of trauma care, especially here in Chicago. If your were the victim of a serious car accident along Lake Shore Drive, for example, it is likely you would talk to a trained emergency medical dispatcher at 911, be quickly treated by

Center for Innovation in Global Health Technologies designs and delivers low-cost medical technologies to partners abroad

On the table in a small office at the Technological Institute on Northwestern’s campus, Matthew Glucksberg, director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health Technologies (CIGHT), turns over a white padded cloth– something that looks more like a small heating pad than what it is: a blanket for newborn infants. When he flips a

Ugly Sweaters for a Meaningful Cause

Ryan Werffeli knows instantly that this is the one: a beige-brown sweater with an embroidered “winterscape” of snow-speckled pine trees, woodland creatures and a cozy cottage. There’s no doubt that this is one ugly sweater. But Werffeli can’t wait to wear it. “Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is prime time for the ugly sweater. Winter parties.

Global hits local for emergency medicine students at Northwestern

It’s time to think local about global health, according to Dr. Stacey Chamberlain, Assistant Director of International Emergency Medicine and Global Health Fellowship Program at the University of Illinois- Chicago. “When you think about the health sector here, we’re already global. The practitioners are global. The patients are global,” she said to an auditorium of