Author: Chance Cim

I am senior at Northwestern University studying Psychology and Global Health. Currently I am applying to medical schools and have special interests in disadvantaged populations, poverty, and mental health. I love writing about global health because it is such a multi-faceted field that combines many academic disciplines in very pressing real-world issues.

Deflating the Controversy over Needle Exchange Programs

One of the great joys of being an NU student is learning from the amazing experiences of your peers. My friend Michael Rossi is a Northwestern senior who studies Cognitive Science and wishes to pursue a career in medicine. Last summer he volunteered in a needle exchange program (NEP) at The Free Medical Clinic of

Candy Crush Addiction: A True Concern or Just Hype?

We see it all of the time around the Northwestern campus: students swiping their fingers across their phones playing Candy Crush Saga, a mobile phone game that has exploded over that past year. To onlookers it may simply look like matching shapes, but to those who have played the game it is so much more.