Author: Chance Cim

I am senior at Northwestern University studying Psychology and Global Health. Currently I am applying to medical schools and have special interests in disadvantaged populations, poverty, and mental health. I love writing about global health because it is such a multi-faceted field that combines many academic disciplines in very pressing real-world issues.

NU Students to be Community Health Volunteers for Erie Family Health Center

Northwestern students are currently attending weekly training sessions for very exciting work that they will begin with Erie Family Health Center. The volunteers will be working closely with Erie Health Center staff in order to promote Erie health information and health care services. Erie Family Health Center delivers high-quality, culturally-sensitive, bilingual health care to more

A Better Understanding of Humanitarian Aid

My favorite panel from the recent International Women’s Day Global Health Symposium was titled “Relief and Rebuilding in Times of Crisis: Refugee and Humanitarian Aid.” The speakers were Dr. Deane Marchbein, the president of Doctors without Borders (MSF), and Dr. Reza Yassari who works with The Virtue Foundation, a volunteer-based nonprofit organization that renders assistance

International Women’s Day Global Health Symposium a Success

Last month The Chicago Council on Global Affairs hosted its second International Women’s Day Global Health Symposium. The event brought international health leaders together at the Fairmont Chicago for a day of discussion on international public health issues pertaining to women.  Attendees included members of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs as well as a number

Rethinking Mental Healthcare

This quarter I am enrolled in Refugee & Immigrant Health, a core class in the global health department taught by Bechara Choucair. The class discusses a wide range of topics related to the health challenges of these population groups including infectious disease, access to care, and mental health. Last week Mary Fabri, a trauma &

Grief, a sometimes overlooked consequence of disaster and loss

Just over one year ago, Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast. Approximately 650,000 homes were destroyed or damaged and 147 people died. The grief has certainly not completely dissipated from Sandy’s victims, and may even be worse since the first anniversary hit on October 29th. According to Dr. Rachel Yehuda, director of the traumatic stress